Voluntary jurisdiction: guardianship, legal protections, support administrations, disqualifications, incapacitation

We handle problems related to family situations in which events occur of genetic nature, pathological nature, physical disabling, psychic disability or even in the case of children or eldery no longer able to wait for their needs, carriers of personality or sensory disorders, addicts.

Depending on the specific case for the best protection of the family and the interested party in order to safeguard the assets from possible dispersion, it is possible to resort, depending on the severity of the situation, from the most serious to the slightest, to interdiction, incapacitation or support administration.

Our law office takes care of the appointment of the guardian, of the curator or of the support administrator, also assuming the direct task for the management of the assets, under judicial control and with obligation of report.

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Oppositions to administrative sanctions

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