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Property and lease,

includes all the management of real estate, of Italians residing abroad or foreigners who hold real estate in the Italian territory, administration of assets with eventual drafting of leases or sales; evictions for both insolvency and finite lease.

In particular, assistance in the drafting of contracts, commercial and housing;

on the judicial level, regarding licenses for finite lease, eviction for finite leases or arrears;

also, consultancy and assistance, judicial and extrajudicial, regarding the protection of property and possession;

and consultancy and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, in the field of condominium litigation, including the problems related to the property management of condominiums and mega-condominiums, aiding and advice to owners, tenants and administrators.

Regarding the areas of activity to protect the property management:

assistance to the Administrator of the condominium, for disputes during the participation in condominium assemblies;

recovery of condominium expenses by an appeal by cease-and-desist-order;

redelivery of premises and condominium assets, release of buildings;

drafting of Condominium Regulations;

actions for denunciation of new work and of feared damage, usocapioni, servitude, violation of the distances in the buildings.

For the areas of activity to protect the individual condominium:

appeal of chairholders’ assemblies;

appointment and dismissal of the administrator and judicial administrator;

constitution of the condominium, drafting or modification of the Rules, appeals;

oppositions to cease-and-desist-order;

actions for the establishment or denial of servitude; possessory actions, of denunciation of new work and of feared damage; emission of fumes and noises;

neighborhood relations and related disputes.

See also:

Civil liability

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