Atty. Paolo Cantinelli

registered with the Bar Association of Florence the 07.12.1971

registered with the Court of Cassation the 27.03.1987

Avv. Paolo Cantinelli_Quadratico

Born in Florence on 18th march 1939 and practising at his lawyers office in 50123, via dei Conti 3, and in Prato in via delle Fonti, 6;

From 1955 he worked as a journalist, registered in the Special Register n. 5761. 

From 1964 to 1967 he was deputy head of the press office at the Association of Industrialists of the Province of Florence.

Graduated in law, enrolled in the Register of Prosecutors of Florence since 1968 and in the Register of Lawyers since 07.12.1971.

From 27.03.1987 he is enlisted at the Cassationist Register.

Since 1970, trustee of the German Automobile Club (ADAC); and insurances as ARAG; CORAG; DAS; Rechtschutz Union; Roland; Volksfuersorge.

Since 1975 he has professional assignments with INPDAI, the national social insurance institute for industrial business executives.

From April 1990 to 2010, he hosted German students for legal practice in his office with relevant assessments as a score for their state exam in Germany.

On February 14th 1991, he was invited to the first European Lawyers’ Congress, in Brussels.

Since 1993 he is listed in the Register of Lawyers in Europe.

From 15th may 1997, with a procura registred and notarized by Sacchi in Rome on 20.05.1997, he was given the general power of attorney by the National Welfare Institute for the Managers of Industrial Companies, to represent the Entity against any person and for any reason, for all the degrees of jurisdiction, including executive ones, before any Judge, Commissions, Specialists, Administrative and arbitration boards.

He is the lawyer of various Italian and foreign companies that assists throughout the national territory, in collaboration with leading law firms.

Sovigest took over from INPDAI, and since 2005 he has been following its disputes.

Since 2012 he has been assisted by his daughter and son Atty. Laura Cantinelli and Atty. Enzo Cantinelli.

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