Atty. Enzo Cantinelli

registered with the Bar Association of Florence the 21.03.2012

Avv. Enzo Cantinelli_Quadratico 480x480

Graduated in Law in 2007 with a thesis in civil law “Illicit fact and non-pecuniary damage”, Avv. Enzo Cantinelli, a member of the Florence Bar Association, has worked for years with the law office Studio Legale Cantinelli, where he currently deals mainly with civil law with particular reference to the law of obligations and contracts, leases and condominiums, providing consultancy and both judicial and extrajudicial assistance to individuals and public bodies.

He also deals with real estate executions and sales, immigration law and citizenship.

During the course of the profession, Avv. Enzo Cantinelli has dedicated himself to the teaching of civil law and constitutional law as well as constantly cultivating the activity of in-depth study and professional updating.

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