Recupero credito

Recovery of unsolved credit overall national territory and abroad and damages.

We offer a specific assistance and consultancy service concerning the recovery of outstanding debts, both in Italy and abroad.

After an opportune verification of the solvency of the debtor and possibly of his family or third parties if co – obligated to pay, the opportunity to proceed will be verified, thus avoiding unnecessary and additional charges for the creditor Customer.

The next phase involves the drafting of a formal payment request to the debtor and any co-debtors, so-called default, which has the purpose of interrupting the limitation period and warning the debtor of a subsequent court action in case of default.

After that the most appropriate and appropriate procedural strategy will be adopted in relation to the specific case, such as Injunctive Decree, summary proceedings of cognition or ordinary cause, and then proceed with the execution phase, with real estate attachments, movable to the debtor and movable to third parties also of the fifth of the salary and where the conditions are met with the debtor’s bankruptcy request.

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